how to say hello in brazilian language

We offer some of the very best language sheets for your international travels to Chile and beyond. Traveling to or studying in Chile, it can be useful to learn how to say and pronounce Greetings words such as Hello . ... More

how to make windows 10 look like mac os

How can I make my Mac OS X look and feel like Windows 7. Good evening Experts, I have two Macs that were donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County (BGCMC)(This is where I work) and I would like to pick your brains on how to make the OS look and feel more like Windows 7. My youth will not even try to use the Macs becuase they think they are too difficult to navigate. I myself am a ... More

how to move to new york from uk

New York City is full of great food, beautiful sights, and endless things to do. But it's also a place of inflated prices, tiny apartments, and a less-than-perfect public transportation system. ... More

how to love husband in bed

How to love your husband. 1. Send him romantic message in his mobile - It is very good idea of loving your husband by doing romantic message to her husband and it should be very spicy and hot. ... More

how to order pizza hut by phone

Order pizza online with Pizza Hut and enjoy easy pick-up options or delivery! Get the best deals and enjoy your favourite pizza with Online Ordering. Get the best deals and enjoy your favourite pizza … ... More

how to make your own miniature christmas tree

With just a few standard supplies, you and your children can make and decorate these miniature Christmas tree ornaments. You can also make Santa's hat and bell ornaments using the same cone-shape. You can also make Santa's hat and bell ornaments using the same cone-shape. ... More

how to remove cupboard open shelving

The other part screws to the cupboard frame with two cupboard holding screws. They slot together and are held in place with a locking screw which tightens up to hold the door in place. Some more modern hinges also have a sprung loaded quick release catch so you can remove … ... More

how to make ballon kangaroo

9/03/2013 We are going to make a body without the neck bubble. However, if you have made the head without the neck or with very short neck bubble then you should twist the first bubble of the body to make the neck bubble. Twist a chain of the first two (the first and the second) about four-inch bubbles (Pic 33). ... More

how to make raspberry jam at home

1/08/2011 · If you are a jam-making novice, raspberry jam is a good one to start with as it’s so quick, from BBC Good Food. ... More

how to play simon flash

On Friday, some set photos from Fastest Man Alive the second episode of The CWs upcoming superhero series The Flash arrived online, showing that William Sadler (Machete Kills ... More

how to make oreo smoothie without ice cream

White Chestnut, Oreo Smoothie, Smoothies, Chocolate Flavors, Oreo Cookies, Ice, Smoothie, Led, Ice Cream Desserts The White Chestnut D R I N K S , J U I C E S & S M O O T H I E S ... More

how to make hard crack candy

Hard Crack Light Caramel Dark Caramel Bind agent for fruit pastes A spoonful of sugar drizzled over a plate forms a fine, thin thread. This stage makes a syrup, not a candy Fudge, Fondant, Creams, Penuche, Maple, etc. When a small amount of sugar syrup is dropped into very cold water and forms a ball that does not hold its shape when pressed with your fingers. Caramels and Divinity When a very ... More

how to put a leash on a rabbit

20/04/2009 · My rabbit has never had a collar before and even my friends who have experience with rabbits don't put it on them. I mean, I have a leash for my rabbit and now I realize how stupid I was for buying it. Here are 4 words of advice for you: Rabbits.Don't.Like.Leashs. Omg, I tried it before and my rabbit got aggravated so I never ever put it on her again because what if someone tried to put a ... More

how to make onion skin tea

Now, let me show you how to make the best onion and garlic tea: First of all, start by mincing one garlic clove, then, using a stainless steel tea infuser, add to it two teaspoons of minced onion as well and submerged everything in warm water for at least fifteen minutes, ... More

how to make someone stop drinking

This is a spell to help you stop drinking alcohol. It’s adapted from the stop smoking spell , and as it is a banishing spell , it’s best performed during a new or waning moon. Disclaimer: If you are physically addicted to alcohol, don’t attempt to quit without consulting your doctor. ... More

how to make a dycotmus key

noun. a key used to identify a plant or animal in which each stage presents descriptions of two distinguishing characters, with a direction to another stage in the key, until the species is identified ... More

how to pay with payid

Answers to the questions you weren't sure about asking What is PayID? PayID is a simpler way to receive payments. It replaces the need to provide financial account details, such as BSB and account number, when receiving payments. ... More

how to add make an offer on ebay

After your item receives bids, eBay allows you to add to your item’s description. If you feel you were at a loss for words in writing your item’s description — or if a lot of potential bidders are asking the same questions — go ahead and make all the additions you want. But whatever you put there the first time around stays in the description as well. ... More

how to say 4 in italian

If you want to know how to say fifty-four in Italian, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Italian better. Here is the translation and the Italian word for fifty-four: cinquantaquattro Check out other translations to the Italian language: ... More

how to play destiny 2 early pc

So I got my hands on two copies of Destiny 2 from my local store. I knew the servers wouldn't be up, but still couldn't help myself from getting it early for my ... More

how to show her you love her without saying it

I'm in the same situation my friend I really hope this works out for you. My only suggestion I can give is to become the best version of yourself possible like I am trying to do right now. look over the relationship see where you lost your way and take firm decisive action to show her you are not and never will be the person who let her down. ... More

how to play escape card game rules

Card Games And Rules : Visit Our Website And Get a List Of The Best Sites. Visit Our Website And Get a List Of The Best Online Sites For USA Players. Casinos Store Slot Machines. Visit Our Website And Get a List Of The Best Online Sites For USA Players. ... More

how to pass the parking test

Parking Test – Check items. Take note & Be prepared. Below mistakes can cause an immediate failure during your Parking Test: ... More

how to play blues run the game

Lyrics: Catch a boat to England, baby Maybe to Spain, Wherever I have gone, Wherever I've been and gone, Wherever I have gone, The blues run the game. ... More

how to prepare rice papad

masala papad recipe with step by step photos – masala papad is an easy to prepare tasty starter snack of crisp fried papads topped with a masala filling of onions, tomatoes and spices. masala papad happens to be one of the starters we order when we go to dine out, which is a rare occurrence. so till the main course is served, we happily enjoy nibbling into the spicy and crisp masala papads. ... More

how to make playdough without cornstarch or borax

24/05/2017 · How to make Slime without borax, liquid starch, detergent, glue, etc 5:53 How To Make Slime Without Borax, Glue, Laundery Detergent,cornflour,Baking Soda and Shampoo ... More

heath cookbook cheesecake recipe without sugar how to make it

To make the ganache, put the chocolate chips into a heat proof bowl. In a small saucepan, bring the heavy cream to a boil. Add the boiling cream to the chocolate chips. Stir the mixture with a fork until blended. Let ganache cool for 5 minutes. Stir. Pour ganache on the top of the cheesecake, spreading with a spoon. Return cheesecake ... More

how to make a real working boat in minecraft

Two Methods:Crafting a boat Placing a boat in water. Speed effects can make a boat move faster. Boats move with the currents or by the control of the player. Naruto ps1 jintori download rom-Play Retro throughout the web consoles or games, so a lot of my childhood gaming took place in stints at the houses of friends or cousins. SEC, ASEC programs' websites and see what actually want the ... More

how to open xml file in word 2007

12/10/2009 · I just saved a document as a template (.dotx) in Word 2007, and opened it in package explorer. It has the same parts as a normal .docx; app.xml has a Properties/Template entry, but all docs generated by Word have that. ... More

how to make vanilla ice cream at home in hindi

how to make mango ice cream recipe: 1: peel and chop the mangoes and add them in a blender or mixer jar. 2: blend till smooth. 3. then add add sugar or powdered jaggery & vanilla extract along with the mangoes in a blender. you can also use honey. i have made this ice cream both with sugar as well as powdered jaggery. both ways the ice cream ... More

how to make a vegan tiramisu

Yes, you read that rightafter a long 2 year wait, Ive got another god damn Vegan Tiramisu recipe to share with the world! About 2 years ago, I posted a recipe for my Vegan Tiramisu and people went crazy for it (even those devil omnivores!). ... More

how to play come fly with me on guitar

'Come Fly With Me' Description This composition for Piano, Vocal & Guitar (Right-Hand Melody) includes 5 page(s). It is performed by Frank Sinatra. ... More

how to put an sd card into an iphone

15/10/2011 Best Answer: There's no need for an SD card on the iPhone 4S. The phone is backed up to iCloud automatically and if you like you can still back it up to your computer. The phone is backed up to iCloud automatically and if you like you can still back it up to your computer. ... More

how to make negative numbers positive in sql

Transact-SQL (2000) SQL Query - Positive/Negative Values : Author: Topic Is there anyway I can convert a negative result to a positive one and vice versa? ie select * from finance_table returns a series of numbers, all negative - I want to show them as positive. Thanks" SwePeso Patron Saint of Lost Yaks. 30421 Posts ... More

how to make a pallet coffee table plans

How To Build A Pallet Coffee Table.. How to Build a Motorized Pedal Car. Build A Diy Pallet Shoe Rack How to build a pallet shoe rack with DIY expert Craig Phillips. Using recycled pallet wood you can follow this step-by-step guide to build your own shoe. ... More

how to make horns for a costume

Costume Ange Horns Costume Demon Costume Demon Halloween Costume Costume Makeup Diy Dragon Costume Halloween Makeup Cosplay Horns Cosplay Diy Forward The making of a crazy costume, more or less from start to finish, with some fun techniques to surprise your friends and confound your enemies. ... More

little mysteries how to play

Guitar lesson 3A : Beginner – ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ on two strings In this lesson Andrew explains how to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the 2nd and 3rd strings. Download Your Free PDF Below. Guitar lesson 3B : Beginner – ‘Blister in the sun’ on two strings In this lesson Andrew shows how to play “Blister in the sun’ by The Violent Femmes on the 5 th and 6 th ... More

how to put up shelves steel frame house

10/12/2018 Metal building materials were once found mainly in industrial settings, but residential construction has caught on to the benefits of metal. Metal studs are ... More

how to make 0.25m sulfamic acid

However, we make no warranty of merchantability or any other warranty, express or implied, with respect to such information, and we assume no liability resulting from its use. Users should make their own investigations to determine the suitability of the information for their particular purposes. In no event shall ScienceLab.com be liable for any claims, losses, or damages of any third party ... More

yugioh how to play brandish maiden

related posts: yugioh 1st place ocg shadow / secret six samurai deck profile! triple gateway too good! pendulum god card deck! in action + deck profile! ... More

how to compute income tax return

Steps on how to compute income tax in the Philippines Now we have the basic understanding of the BIR Tax table, let’s have some basic example on how to compute income tax in the Philippines. Before we’re able to get the tax amount, we need to figure out how much would be the taxable income … ... More

how to make builds in lol new client

Because Team Builder’s champion select accounts for role, the new rewards are earned by playing your way. After you play five games as one role, tracked in-client, you’ll unlock the icon of that role instantly. And yes, if you’re more of a generalist (or a completionist), you can unlock all six icons. ... More

how to make a boho dreamcatcher

This beautiful boho dreamcatcher wall decal will add that WOW factor to your little girl's room or nursery! This extra large decal measures approximately 71 x 120cm and is printed full colour onto a peel and stick, polyester fabric material. ... More

how to make ochre face cream

10/11/2018 · In this Article: Making Basic Face Cream Making Aloe Vera Face Cream Making Green Tea Face Cream Community Q&A 20 References. Whether you are looking to live more frugally, or you simply wish to lead a more organic lifestyle, there are lots of ways to make face cream at home. ... More

how to make premix battermix

Use either the same amount of butter or about 20 percent more than the directions call for to make up for the difference in the fat content between butter and vegetable oil. If the mix calls for 1 cup of vegetable oil, then substitute 1 cup of melted butter and just under a 1/4 of a cup of melted butter. ... More

how to run python in html

11/01/2019 · If you have multiple versions of Python on your system, you can select a specific Python version by running python3 or whichever version you want. To create a virtual environment, decide upon a directory where you want to place it, and run the venv module as a script with the directory path: python3-m venv tutorial-env. This will create the tutorial-env directory if it doesn’t exist, and ... More

how to cancel my google play account

How do I cancel my subscription through iTunes, Google Play or Amazon? choose Account > View My Account. Enter your password and choose View Account. On the Account Information page, scroll down to the Settings section. To the right of Subscriptions, choose Manage. Choose your subscription. If you don't see your subscription, make sure that you're signed in with the correct Apple … ... More

how to run python script in unix

Most Unix distributions normally don't allow you to use setuid on a file that uses a #! interpreter. Solaris happens to be one that allows it due to its use of a more secure implementation than … ... More

how to make a kfm3 wing

Created with Dollar Tree foam board and the Armin wing design. It carries up to 2 kilograms and launches a parachute that has a camera on the payload. An HD camera is also mounted in the nose for in flight videos. This is a very powerful lifting plane for many types of payloads. ... More

how to make roman sandals

Throughout the Roman Empire many styles of sandals were used. The style we offer is a simplified version of the military ‘Caligae’ (pronounced: cal eeg). ... More

how to run a successful hvac business

Some really good tips here Steve. You mentioned that Peterson did not bring up social media, which I agree would be a great way to reach out to the local community to let them know about your HVAC business. ... More

how to make room deodorizer diffuser

Shop online for Woolworths great range of Air Fresheners. Delivered straight to your door or Pick up from your local store. If you are using a screen reader to navigate the Woolworths website please select the “Accessibility On” switch in accessibility settings. ... More

how to play i dreamed a dream on the piano

Below is the sheet music for I Dreamed A Dream (from Les Miserables). I Dreamed A Dream (from Les Miserables) was penned by Herbert Kretzmer, Boublil and Schonberg, Claude-Michel Schönberg (also known as Claude-Michael), Lee Evans, Glee Cast, Ed Lojeski, Susan Boyle, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Alain Boublil, Glee Cast ... More

how to make a kneaded eraser

Kneaded erasers can be shaped for precision erasing and creating highlights. Available in three sizes, these kneaded erasers are latex-free, lanolin-free, and PVC-free. Available in three sizes, these kneaded erasers are latex-free, lanolin-free, and PVC-free. ... More

how to make stirfry with rice

Serve Immediately (With Rice is Nice) Stir-fry starts getting soggy and weird if it sits too long, so don't wait to eat it—serve it right away. Rice is nice alongside or under it, but not ... More

how to make a minecraft town

Towncraft is a crafting and exploration game which starts out humble enough, but allows players to reach new heights as they create fully working medieval industries and grows a town ... More

how to open activity monitor macbook pro

After rebooting, and with only Activity Monitor open, my MacBook Pro (10.6, i7) shows a very high idle % (98% or higher) but then shortly after drops down to 40% - 50%. In the Activity Monitor list of all processes : ... More

how to make a barber pole

Intro: Carving a Barber Pole Quarter Staff. Using a Dremel, five bits and some salvaged wood, you can give your favorite barber something to walk with. ... More

how to make mega man x game

MegaMan X4 is the fourth game in the MegaMan X series (as obviously implied) and the first to be natively developed for the PSX. The game is just as fun to play as it's three predecessors and includes several new elements to the gameplay. The most major of these enhancements, besides the better graphics and sound, is that Zero, X's partner ... More

how to make fake poop with flour

Easy April Fool's Prank: How to Make Fake Poop I'm sure I saw some mention of making poop out of toilet paper on Pinterest, but I failed to pin it, so I can't give credit to … ... More

how to make soya chunks taste like meat

The few attempts I made, in making a decent dish out of soya chunks were always disastrous ! It always tasted blant ?? Anyways on our last trip to Kerala, we tasted a yummy soy chunk roast, made as part of a sadya, by a caterer. And it felt like having a non veg dish in the middle of a completely vegetarian meal! The soy chunks were cut into thin rounds which allowed them to absorb the ... More

how to watch us open

The fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the calendar year kicks off at Flushing Meadows in New York at the end of August. Andy Murray is set to make his major tournament return after 14 ... More

how to make a guy want you again

? How To Get A Guy To Want You Again ? How To Make Him Hard Over The Phone ? Your next strategy is to make him want you just as much as you want him. ... More

how to make hard soil soft

Either soil improvement or soil replacement. If we choose to use sandy loam or another similar lawn soil type or soil mixture to replace the sandy soil is not whats most important. Improving the soil prior to laying the new buffalo turf is what's important. ... More

how to make goat milk soap without using lye

Hi, I really enjoy reading your soap-making information, and am about to try my first batch using goat milk. My question is about lye: I am in the process of burning some old hardwoods and want to make lye from those ashes. I have rainwater to soak the ashes and want to know if you have used this type of lye at all, or if you have any links with information about using this type of lye. Thanks! ... More

how to make bookmark with beads

This article will help you make a physical bookmark. If you're looking for How to Bookmark a Website, click here. Making a bookmark is fun and easy, and they're ... More

how to move an image in autocad 2017

Published on August 8, 2017 July 11, 2017 / Zlatislav. Insert an Image into the Drawing! How to create OLE image in AutoCAD. Insert an Image into the Drawing. Many times we have to put an image into our drawings. Sometimes it can be used just as a temporary reference, other times an image can be used to portrait the Logo of designer, contractor, etc. The fastest way to insert an Image into a ... More

how to say the male version of student in italian

28/01/2009 Best Answer: yes it is ciao bello. remember that USUALLY with female the word finish in a and for male in o (obviously singular). bye sorry for my english ... More

how to make melted crayon plastic ornaments

A gorgeously simple handmade ornament to make with kids. Looks fabulous hung on the tree or as a present gift tag. Looks fabulous hung on the tree or as a present gift tag. About ... More

how to say bow down in tamil

Producers of Vijay-starrer Sarkar Bow Down to AIADMK Pressure, Agree to Cuts The film has been facing state wide protests. Now, the makers have altered some scenes in the film. ... More

how to make money in gta 5 story mode lester

14/06/2015 Watch video GTA 5 Online PC - UNLIMITED MONEY MOD-HACK - Get BILLIONS in SECONDS (GTA 5 PC Money Glitch NEW) 0:56 GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.27 "SOLO" UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH (PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4) ... More

how to make an mmo in unity

2 days ago · Enlarge / Bossa Studios' MMO Worlds Adrift is one of the games affected by Unity's sudden blocking of SpatialOS development tools. ... More

how to make curd fried rice

How to Cook Thai Pineapple Fried Rice by Creative Traveler Try Thai style pineapple at home, it will be better to use prawn but with ground pork still taste good. ... More

how to make multiple pictures into one background windows

Learn how to merge multiple pictures into one single image using these iphone, ipad, ipod and Samsung apps for free. Learn How I Made $21,000+ From One Epic Blog Post Sponsorship + advertising ... More

how to make your own coils nautilus

Coils designed for the Aspire Nautilus & Mini Nautilus. These coils are also compatible with the Aspire K3 Kit/Tank. Available in 1.6 & 1.8 Ohms. ... More

how to make statue of liberty disappear

David Copperfield made history in 1983 by making the Statue of Liberty disappear for a live audience during a live television broadcast. ... More

how to open windows xp software in windows 10

Step 3: Now open up Windows XP Themes for Windows 10 folder to see the Theme folder. You need to copy all files and folders exist in the Theme folder to the Themes folder present in your Windows 10 ... More

how to put shadow on text in photoshop cs6

Open Photoshop CS6 and create a new document. I am using 2880x1800 pixels for the dimensions. After that with the I am using 2880x1800 pixels for the dimensions. After that with the Horizontal Type Tool (T) add a text. ... More

how to make a youtube video downloader websit

If you are a big YouTube fan who cant live without new video releases or who loves browsing through video archives, you know how convenient it would be to ... More

how to get a pay rise show

How to get that pay rise December 1, 2017 November 27, 2017 by roaminginheels We have all been in that position at some stage of our lives where we feel as though we have done so much in our job, gone above and beyond, proved our worth and loyalty, and as such, a promotion or pay rise ... More

how to make homemade mochi

Traditionally, it takes quite a bit of effort to make homemade mochi. But the good news is that there are tricks to making equally delicious versions in your own kitchen that don't require the laborious methods of pounding and molding rice flour . ... More

cream watercolor how to make

How To Make a Melting Ice Cream Cone Cake. 1:31 121,705,848 Views. Food Network ... More

wrye bash how to sort load order

Also fixes load order locking misbehaviour when we change the mtimes in a variety of operations - Bash used to think it's an external change. API still in beta. Under API still in beta. Under #309 . ... More

how to make fried oysters youtube

Place the breaded oysters in the oil, four at a time. Let them cook for about one minute, allowing them to get crispy. Remove the cooked oysters from the oil and put them on a plate lined with paper towels. ... More

how to make oats for breakfast

Grab all the ingredients you need. You can use any nuts or pulses and of course any flavour of yogurt too! All the measured amounts are for one person. ... More

how to make fit body at home

A simple sequence that will help you relax and prepare your body for deep, sustained rest. Video This Bikini World Champion's workout is guaranteed to make your booty burn ... More

how to make mosaic floor

The experts at DIYNetwork.com show how to install a mosaic tile floor step-by-step. These easy-to-follow instructions show DIYers what it takes to create a classic and elegant bathroom floor. These easy-to-follow instructions show DIYers what it takes to create a classic and elegant bathroom floor. ... More

how to stop seeing someone you love

I went to a small school so I always had to be in classes and see ex-boyfriends. My strategy was to erase them from existence--to imagine that they were transparent, a void in space, nothing to look at, unable to be acknowledged. ... More

how to make a cryptex out of cardboard

A cryptex is a portable vault used to hide messages and valuables. Most cryptexes are built from robust materials such as metal and wood. However, a cryptex can also... ... More

rocket league how to play with switch

Camera Settings. Camera settings in Rocket League are extremely important and very personal. The more aware you are of your position relative to the ball, walls, floor, opponents, or even the ... More

how to make dubstep on garageband

My garageband dubstep on Scratch by Zoom-XD Add this project to a studio you curate (or remove it from a studio) Just click on the button for any of the studios from the list below ... More

how to run system restore in safe mode windows 7

System Restore is an under-utilized tool within Windows 7 and 8 that allows users to revert their computer back to a previous state when a problem arises. Windows 7 System Restore relies on system protection features built into the OS that saves a quick restore state before any major upgrade ... More

how to stop promotion on google play store pop ups

Now, tap on Pop-ups and then turn off pop-up ads by toggling Pop-ups. Use Free Adblock Browser The Ad-block browser is one of the most well-organized to stop disturbing pop-ups, annoying video ads … ... More

how to make a gaff for drag

The scenario is repeated all too often: An angler hooks a huge fish and manages to battle it close to the boat. With the fish in plain view, the excited helmsman shifts the boat into neutral, grabs a gaff and rushes to assist in the landing duties. ... More

how to make more hot water come out of shower

For most people, the hardest part of replacing a shower cartridge is getting the old cartridge to come out. Youll Need a Special Tool To make it easier to remove your old stuck cartridge, youll need a special tool creatively called a cartridge puller. ... More

how to make a hair brush

Okay, carry on. 1. Invest in a quality hair dryer. Just like you can't expect to have good makeup when you use those silly little makeup brushes that come with your blush or bronzer or whatever... you can't really expect to have a great blow-dry when you're using a low-quality hair dryer circa 1992. ... More

how to make black color from primary colors

29/01/2016 Know your color, become your own color wheel, and create amazing colors by mixing and matching primary colors to achieve your color preference. Whether youre ... More

ballet headpieces how to make

You searched for: swan lake headpiece! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you ... More

how to read a textbook and remember what you read

No, not that model… Not all books were made equal, and neither were the pages of any particular book. When we read, certain notable phrases, concepts and ideas (what Flaubert called “erections ... More

how to make a fake window

After creating a design on a sheet of acrylic and coloring it in, you can frame the final piece and hang in a window, or you can simply leave it unframed and tape it to a window or a cabinet door with a glass front as a display piece. ... More

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how to make a vine edit in final cut pro

19/06/2016 · Category People & Blogs; Song YOUTH (Gryffin Remix) Artist Troye Sivan; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Polystar); UBEM, AMRA, …

how to make a short wildlife documentary

Its very easy to make mistakes on things (like insurance). We thought were never going to come out with Hot Docs with a massive money deal, but we will come out of it with friends and

how to say hello in polish language

Saying “Hello” and “Goodbye” in a language is essential for any conversation. There are numerous ways to say hello in Polish and to bid farewell, depending on the level of formality of a …

vectorworks basic how to make wall

Vectorworks Guides. These guides are designed to provide you with a strong base as you learn to use Vectorworks to design, communicate, and document the ideas that you are passionate about.

how to make a easy gun that shoots

Go to layer 2, RIGHT+CLICK on the Empty, SHIFT+RIGHT+CLICK on the gun. hit CTRL+P, then click on “SET PARENT TO OBJECT” Now select the Empty and add a Sensor, make it “KEYBOARD”.

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Nunavut: Gjoa Haven NU, Padley (Padlei) NU, NU Canada, X0A 8H3

England: Cambridge(/ Milton) ENG, Ellesmere Port ENG, Redditch ENG, Preston ENG, Leeds ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A1

Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H6

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Hamilton SCO, Paisley SCO, Hamilton SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 9B6

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D1